5C+ Digital Core Alignment Fusion splicer Complete package w cleaver

Product code 1632548 Copy
Sales unit Pcs Copy
ETIM-Class EC001124 Copy
  • Measurements
    Length 286 mm Copy
    Height 212 mm Copy
    Width 455 mm Copy
    Weight 6,500 g Copy
  • Documents
    Sikkerhetsdatablad_batteri_5200mAh.pdf Sikkerhetsdatablad_batteri_5200mAh.pdf
  • Technical Specifications - Fusion Splicers
    Splicing Methode core alignment Copy
    Average Splice Loss sm(0.02db) / mm(0.01db) / ds(0.04db) / nzds(0.04db) Copy
    Average Splice Return Loss >>60db Copy
    Average Splicing Time (SM) 6 s Copy
    Splicing Modes 145 modes (pre-set: 17 / user set-up: 128) Copy
    Splicing Attenuation Range 0.1 ~ 20 dB Copy
    Fiber Types sm (itu-t g.652 & g.657) , mm (itu-t g.651), ds (itu -t g.653), nzds (itu-t g.655) Copy
    Coating Diameter 100-3,000 µm Copy
    Cladding Diameter 80-150 µm Copy
    Cleaved Length on <250µm Coating 5~16 mm Copy
    Cleaved Length on >250µm Coating 8~16 mm Copy
    Average Heater Time 10 s Copy
    Heater Modes 36 modes (pre-set: 4 / user set-up: 32) Copy
    Applicable Sleeves 20 ~ 60 mm Copy
    Connectivity (Link to PC) usb(5pin mini-b) Copy
    Electrode Life Span >5,500 arcs Copy
    Data Storage splice record : 10,000 / image : 2,000 Copy
    Fiber Detecting dual ccd camera with led emitting system Copy
    Illumination led spot light Copy
    Display color 4.3" lcd monitor, with touch screen (tempered glass) Copy
    Battery Type li-ion 11.1v 5200mah Copy
    Average Battery Life 300 cycles (splicing & heating) Copy
    Battery Storage Temperature -20~40 °C Copy
    Power Supply ac 100-240v input or dc 12.6v 1.8a Copy
    Fibre Display (Magnification) Single Image 320 X Copy
    Fibre Display (Magnification) Dual Image 160 X Copy
    Wind Protection (Max Wind Speed) 15 m/s Copy
    Operating Altitude Range 0-5,000 m Copy
    Operating Temperature Range -10~50 °C Copy
    Operating Humidity Range 0~95 %RH Copy
    Storage temperature Range -20 to 60 °C Copy
    Storage Humidity Range 0~95 %RH Copy
    Pull Testing (Standard) 1.96~2.25 N Copy