Open and transparent player in sustainability

Sustainability as part of our corporate governance

Our sustainability work is supported within the organisation through our sustainability strategy, which has been approved by the Board of Melbye. All our employees have a responsibility to contribute to this, so that we can comply with our action plan and sustainability measures. 

We focus on continuous improvements in everything we do, something that we have incorporated into our management system. By setting clear goals, and showing accountability in attitudes and actions, we strengthen our values: Team Spirit, Professionalism and Innovation

For several years, the Norwegian part of Melbye Group, Melbye Skandinavia Norge AS - have been certified in accordance with the requirements of the quality and environmental standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. The quality and environmental management system, as well as the organisation itself, are built around our main processes. Melbye Skandinavia Sverige AS and Melbye Fiber Ltd., follow some of the same processes.  

In the long term, we aim to put in place our own sustainability report, highlight our contribution over time, as well as ISO certify all entities of Melbye Group. 

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Responsible partner

At Melbye we focus on building long-term relationships with our suppliers and we have been working with quality inspections for many years.

Due diligence, the Transparency Act and the UK Modern Slavery Act

At Melbye, we are a responsible business partner. We apply due diligence for sustainable business practices in the areas of human rights, labour conditions and modern slavery in the supply chain. We do this by focusing on our Code of Conduct; through risk mapping, good dialogue, auditing and evaluation and by taking the necessary actions.

So far, 90% of all our existing suppliers have confirmed that they accept and follow Melbye's Code of Conduct.

Through our membership of  Ethical Trade Norwaywe can always assure our customers that we receive good advice and follow-up in connection with due diligence assessments. Under the framework of Ethical Trading Norway, we will publish an annual report on our due diligence work.

Read more about our due diligence work here
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Assessment of main suppliers

At Melbye, we assess our main suppliers in accordance with the same principles that we apply to ourselves. ​We prefer to use suppliers that are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, or the equivalent. ​All new suppliers are assessed in accordance with the company’s quality assurance system and audit form. In addition, all suppliers, based on a risk survey, must undergo a physical audit.  

A total of 76% of our suppliers come from Europe, 5.4% come from the USA/Australia, and 18% come from Asia. In Asia, we have our own inspectors working on our behalf. 
The same requirements are maintained for all companies within Melbye Group. ​ 

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