The UN Sustainable Development Goals at Melbye

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are the world’s shared plan to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change by 2030. In order for our sustainability work to be targeted and relevant to our business, Melbye has chosen to focus on the six Sustainable Development Goals where we can have the greatest impact on sustainable development. By focusing on these selected goals, we can better control our impact on them, and we can identify new opportunities.

Good health and Well-Being

We will ensure good health and promote quality of life for all employees, regardless of their age. We will do this by focusing on HSE and by supporting internal health-promoting schemes. 

Decent work and economic growth

Our goal is to contribute to creating economic growth in society through good jobs. We will be a safe, inclusive workplace with a focus on HSE, working environment and internal sustainability expertise. This contributes to sustainable development. 

In light of the principles set out in our Code of Conduct, we safeguard human and labour rights through our active work with the supply chain. 

Industries, Innovation and infrastructure

At Melbye, we work according to our vision “to deliver the smartest solutions, to the benefit of all”. As part of the process between production and application within essential infrastructure, we will focus on environmental documentation of our products and will increase our range of products/solutions that are less environmentally harmful than traditional solutions. 
In this way, we contribute to building a solid infrastructure and a more sustainable business sector.  

Reduced inequality

We focus on diversity and inclusion – both internally, during the recruitment process, and in our value chain through our Code of Conduct. In this way, we help to promote social, economic and political inclusion for all, regardless of age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, economic status or any other status. 

Responsible consumption and production

We will document the climate and environmental impact of our products, and will work to reduce the content of unwanted chemicals in our products. We will work to produce eco-friendly and circular solutions within our product categories, reduce our use of packaging, and increase our rate of recycling. In this way, we can contribute to achieving sustainable management and more efficient use of natural resources. 

Furthermore, we aim to be a responsible partner through sustainable sourcing, integration of and support for sustainability in our corporate governance, and through sustainability reporting. 

Climate action

We will prepare climate accounts, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and establish a plan with specific reduction targets. In this way, we can help to combat climate change and its consequences. 
Documenting the climate and environmental impact of our products, working for more eco-friendly and circular solutions within our product categories, reducing waste and focusing on recycling are all key measures to help to stop climate change. Increased sustainability expertise within the organisation will also make an important contribution in this regard. 

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