At Melbye, sustainability is an integral part of our vision: “The smartest solutions, to the benefit of all.” Not only will we offer good solutions for the customer, but we will also actively contribute to the benefit of society, people, the climate and the environment. We will achieve this through our sustainability ambitions, and by working towards the goals we set for ourselves.

Our values

Our values

Our established values are important for the implementation of our sustainability work:​ 

  • Being innovative equips us for the changes that are required to contribute to the green transition.​ 

  • Team spirit is important for our cooperation internally, and for ensuring that our sustainability work is supported throughout the organisation.​ 

  • Professionalism ensures that we meet new customer demands with openness and a willingness to adapt to a more sustainable society.​ 

The green transition

We currently find ourselves in the midst of the “green transition”, which means that we all need to adapt to a society in which growth and development take place within nature’s boundaries. At Melbye, we will contribute to this transition by implementing tangible measures in line with our sustainability strategy. In this way, we can lead our company in a more sustainable direction, while also contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.​ 

As a commercial company, and as part of an extensive value chain, Melbye is in a position to influence efforts with regard to our climate, the environment and human rights. We must work on sustainability in a way that is targeted and relevant to our business. This means that we focus our attention on those areas that matter most to our surroundings and where we can have the greatest impact. 

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