Microduct UWS 1x12/10mm BLACK HDPE OD 21.3mm 2000m/dr.

Product code 88028012 Copy
Sales unit Meter Copy
ETIM-Class EC001474 Copy
  • Product specifications

    Microducts are designed for long term protection of fiber optical cables and are especially suitable for installation of micro cables. The underwater armored microducts are suitable for under water installation like lakes and river crossings. It attains its mechanical robustness and functional performance through its steel wire armour (SWA) reinforcement. Needs no further protection at under water or underground installationsThe primary duct are made of high-density virgin polyethylene (HDPE). Every microduct has a permanent, co-extruded silicone compound inner liner giving a coefficient of friction of less than 0,1.

  • Measurements
    Length 1,000 mm Copy
    Height 21.3 mm Copy
    Width 21.3 mm Copy
    Weight 557 g Copy
  • Documents
  • Technical Specifications - Single Ducts
    Duct Type 12/10 Copy
    Duct Colour Blue Copy
    Outer Diameter 12 mm Copy
    Outer Diameter Tolerance +/- 0.1 mm Copy
    Inner Diameter 10 mm Copy
    Inner Diameter Tolerance +/- 0.1 mm Copy
    Min Bending Radius 150 mm Copy
    Max Install Tensile Force 450 N Copy
    Inner clearance test (of ID) 85 % Copy
    Weight 37 kg/km Copy
    Outer/inner surface quality (PN 64-004-99) Without Deformation Copy
    Longitudinal reversion (EN ISO 2505) max 3% Copy
    Blowing pressure 16 Bar Copy
  • Technical Specifications - Bundle
    Bundle Type 1-way Copy
    Tube Colour Sequence EIA/TIA-598A Copy
    Sheath Thickness 1.5 mm Copy
    Bundle Dimensions 21.3 +/- 0.4 mm Copy
    Min Bending Radious (Bundle) 545 mm Copy
    Max Install Tensile Force (Bundle) 11,000 N Copy
    weight 564 kg/km Copy
    Water Depth 50 m Copy
    Reinforcement steel wire armouring (fezn wire od 1,0 mm) Copy
  • Mechanical Characteristics
    Temperature ranges for installation -10°C - +40°C Copy
    Temperature ranges for Operation -30°C - +55°C Copy
    Temperature ranges for transport and storage -40°C - +55°C Copy
    Pressure Withstand (EN 1167-1,2) resistance to internal pressure (23°c, 2 h, 16 bar)) Copy
    Tensile performance (IEC 60794-1-21, Method E1) 11 kN Copy
    Crush (IEC 60794-1-21, Method E3A) 3 kN Copy
    Impact (IEC 60794-1-21, Method E4) 10 J Copy