Optic PEN Cleaner 2.5mm short

Product code 1663278 Copy
Count 1 Copy
Sales unit Pcs Copy
ETIM-Class EC002609 Copy
  • Product specifications

    Optic PEN Cleaner is a pen type cleaner, which allows the cleaning of the end-faces of fibre connectors and adapter ferrules. The pen cleaner features a special microfiber tissue that removes all contaminations. Its antistatic property prevents static load that could bring new contamination after the cleaning.

    For 2.5 mm adaptors and connectors (SC/FC/ST/E2000).

    One single unit can easily accomplish >800 cleanings.

  • Measurements
    Length 110 mm Copy
    Height 18 mm Copy
    Width 30 mm Copy
    Weight 36 g Copy
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