On March 18th, 12:35-13:35: Don’t miss the participation of our CEO Christian Aasheim in the Project Rollout 2021 virtual conference!  

Building gigabit-speed broadband networks across the UK by 2025 represents huge technological and engineering challenges. 

Project Rollout will be a virtual event, covering all the important issues, technologies and strategies on the road to a gigabit capable Britain. Alongside industry leaders in the UK Fibre Network Industry, Christian will be one of the speakers. 

Sharing his view on securing supply chains for deploying fibre networks in the UK

For the past 12 years Christian Aasheim has been President and CEO of Melbye Group, who has enjoyed his experience in developing high-performing supply chains. With a master’s degree in Logistics and experience as Supply Chain Director in a European pharmaceutical company, he will be joining the panel of the Project Rollout 2021 conference with his view on securing supply chains for deploying fibre networks in the UK.  
The topic to be discussed: “How can more effective supply chains better support rollouts?” 
The topic will explore how optimised supply chains can deliver efficiencies and speed up rollouts, and will share examples of best practice. 

About Project Rollout 2021 virtual conference 

From the team behind Connected Britain, Project Rollout is a virtual conference that explores opportunities and solutions for the gigabit broadband rollout in the UK. The event will be held over two days, 17 th and 18 th March, with 750 virtual attendees. Expert speakers will be exploring in depth the technology, engineering and delivery strategies broadband builders are adopting to accelerate rollouts towards the 2025 targets.  

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