Quality and service is crucial when it comes to ducting solutions. An efficient ducting solution ensures longevity and reliable performance of the optical cable. It also eases maintenance and troubleshooting.  

Team Melbye recently spoke to Maf McLaren, Supply Chain Manager at Wildanet. In the interview below, Maf highlights the relevance of quality and sustainability when it comes to ducting solutions and discusses how Melbye’s product line has helped Wildanet contribute to a more environmentally conscious and responsible business landscape. 



Excerpts from the interview…

Which is the key factor for you while choosing a supplier and why? 

At Wildanet, our supplier evaluation process encompasses multiple facets. Among these, sustainability holds a prominent position in our ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) values. As a company that has recently achieved B Corp status, we actively champion initiatives aimed at preserving our planet for future generations. We are pleased to note that both Wildanet and Melbye share a common passion for sustainability and are actively working towards relevant accreditations. Together, we contribute to a more environmentally conscious and responsible business landscape. 

Can you tell us which product you choose from Melbye’s catalogue and how it has enhanced your working operations? 

At Wildanet, we have been sourcing our 7.3/5mm and 12/8mm micro duct from Melbye, and we are pleased to report that they have been our preferred supplier for this product. Their consistent quality and service have contributed to our satisfaction with their offerings. 

In your opinion, what are the key benefits of working with Melbye and why? 

Melbye has been a reliable partner on many occasions, providing solutions during unexpected times within the supply chain. Their support has assisted us in continuing our build plans. One example of their helpfulness was the support they provided with the storage of scheduled shipments during the mobilisation of our new warehouse. This allowed us to continue our operations without complications. The consistently high quality of services produced by Melbye is a contributing factor to our positive relationship.  

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