Catering to supply challenges is essential in order to achieve operational excellence. This means managing build costs, quality and reliability is vital. 

Team Melbye recently spoke to James Hope, Purchasing Manager at Lightning Fibre where James shares his thoughts on the importance of delivering quality products on shorter lead times. 


Excerpts from the interview…

Which is the key factor for you while choosing a supplier and why?

When evaluating suppliers, we look at key factors of competitiveness, on-time delivery, quality and their sustainability practices. It’s very difficult to find this in supply chain partners that encompass all of these factors.  
With there being immense pressure on managing build costs, quality and reliability have just as much weighting to ensure networks are built on-time and are future proofed. It is also vital that the industry adopts sustainable practices that reduces environmental impact. 

Can you tell us which product you choose from Melbye’s catalogue and how it has enhanced your working operations?

Melbye offer extensive end-to-end solutions that support network build from construction through to customer connectivity. We began our journey with Melbye during an extremely volatile time in the market, but their outstanding delivery promise helped us out of this and enabled us to keep building at the same pace, whilst bringing much needed security in our supply chain. They’ve supported us in providing microduct, fibre cable and customer connectivity items.

In your opinion, what are the key benefits of working with Melbye and why?

Melbye bring an extensive wealth of knowledge in the FTTX market, having supported the builds in Scandinavia and have brought this experience and practices to the UK. 
I cannot fault their agile responsiveness and pro-active approach in providing solutions to a market that is very dynamic and often conjures up supply challenges. They recognize the importance of delivering quality products and service, whilst also paying strong attention towards sustainable practices and remaining competitively priced. 

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