Lubricant F Wintergrade 3,8L

Product code 1693897 Copy
Count 1 Copy
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ETIM-Class EC002757 Copy
  • Product specifications

    A high-performance, pourable liquid recommended for pulling underground fiber optic cable. It is also suitable for pulling coaxial and copper-pair cable. A thick liquid, and is applied by pouring or pumping the lubricant into the duct system. Wets and clings to cable jacket and evenly coats the jacket surface. It continues to lubricate by leaving film after its water base has evaporated. It is compatible with a broad range of cable jackets, including polyethylene (PE) types.

    Winter version for cold weather use in temperatures as low as -30°C.

  • Measurements
    Length 160 mm Copy
    Height 280 mm Copy
    Width 160 mm Copy
    Weight 3,975 g Copy
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