Did you know that almost all fibre cable failures can be traced back to damage during installation? By using the right type of lubricant during the fibre blow, you can help prevent such damage and significantly increase the blowing distance. Polywater's water-based lubricants ensure safe and efficient fiber installations, whether you are pulling or blowing fibre/micro cables!

A safe fiber installation starts with Polywater®
With a history stretching all the way back to 1950, and with over 50 years as a manufacturer of water-based lubricants, Polywater® lubricants are preferred by fibre installers worldwide. Polywater’s water-based cable blowing lubricants provide a significant reduction of friction, allowing you to blow/pull fibre both faster and over longer distances.

Whether you're pulling or blowing fibre, whether you're installing cable outdoors or indoors, Melbye can deliver the lubricant you need from Polywater.

Lubricant for all types of fibre installers

The Polywater lubricants are suitable for all kinds of fibre installations, and they are available in different designs: tubes and cans, lubrication wipes, or even as convenient sprays for clean applications. The range also includes a lubricant that are specially adapted to winter temperatures as low as – 30 degrees. 

Polywater® Prelube 2000TM 

Polywater® Prelube 2000TM is especially suitable for blowing fibre cables with PE or PA outer jackets, and for blowing pipes in pipes (SUB). The lubricant is water-based and will not affect the life span of either the cable or the pipe.  PreLube 2000™ is recommended for pipes with inner diameter ˃ 12 mm. 

Polywater Prelube 2000TM: Smart application with the 0.95-liter tube. 

Polywater Prelube 2000TM, in 3.8 liter can 

Polywater® Prelube 5000TM – for microfibre cables
With the Polywater® Prelube 5000TM, you get a lubricant specifically designed for blowing small diameter microfibre cables. This lubricant has a simple application, and the lubricant spreads further into the microducts to provide a minimal friction between the fibre and duct.
Prelube 5000TM is recommended for microducts with inner diameter < 12 mm. 

Polywater Prelube 5000 TM, for small diameter micro cables

Polywater® FTTx lubricant  Polywater® FTTx is a high-contrast lubricant for indoor installations, for all types of communication cables and fibre cables with an outer jacket of LSZH. The FTTx lubricants from Polywater can be supplied both as lubricating wipes and as sprays. These lubricant variants ensure a clean process compared to traditional wax and gel lubricants.

Polywater® F – for indoor fiber blowing/pulling

For pulling fiber cables underground, we recommend Polywater® F. This is a pourable, high-efficiency and viscous lubricant that is ideal for longer underground communication cable pulls. The lubricant ensures a uniform coating, which in turn reduces friction when blowing/pulling cables over longer distances.

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