PreLube 5000 240ml Microcable Blowing Lubricant

Product code 1693890 Copy
Count 1 Copy
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ETIM-Class EC002757 Copy
  • Product specifications

    Reduces frictional drag during the blowing of small diameter fiber optic microcable into microtube duct. It increases installation distance of cable in a single shot. The improved chemistry allows this product to spread farther and reduce friction at extremely low coating levels. Can be used with all microcable jackets.

    Spread lubricant into microduct by blowing a foam carrier or sponge as many times as necessary to avoid lubricant puddling near the entrance of the duct.

  • Measurements
    Length 60 mm Copy
    Height 170 mm Copy
    Width 60 mm Copy
    Weight 292 g Copy
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